Vintage Watch Repair / High-Complexity Specialty Watch Repair

Danielle B. excels at vintage and high-complexity contemporary watch repairs, providing ultimate care for rare luxury timepieces. Our watch repair master will conduct meticulous research of the mechanical specifications for your watch, and will examine the watch. take apart the movement and clean every individual part of the watch with ultrasonic cleaning machines. We’ll take utmost care to preserve the vintage part, and if a part has to be replaced, we’ll do our best to track down and obtain the original parts for your watch. Should that prove impossible, we’ll inform you of the solutions we propose. After the watch is reassembled, we’ll perform quality control for timekeeping precision and water resistance.

Please note that the repair of vintage or high-complexity specialty watches usually take at least twice as long as the standard mechanical watch repair, and in some rare cases may last up to two months. One year warranty provided on all chargeable work performed on the watch.

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