Danielle B.

About TAG Heuer

With rich heritage and a deep connection to motor racing, TAG Heuer watches are known for their ultimate precision, technical innovations and disruptive design. That is why they are chosen as the official timekeepers of the most iconic sporting events such as the Olympics, Indy 500 Formula E, MXGP and Soccer worldwide.

It is by pushing the boundaries and defying the conventionalities of timekeeping that allows TAG Heuer to remain a leader in the watch industry. Founded in 1860, Eduard Heuer built his first watchmaking workshop in the Swiss Jura and is credited with inventing the Oscillating Pinion, Time of Trip, and the Mikrograph. Without these inventions, the watch industry would be nothing like we know it today.

TAG Heuer, as a watchmaking brand, is unique in this regard: Their identity is built on 3 core values: sport, lifestyle and heritage. That’s what makes TAG Heuer so popular among car racers, soccer players, supermodels and even space explorers. An owner of a TAG Heuer watch embodies the #DontCrackUnderPressure mindset. That is why people such as the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team, Henrik Lundqvist, Cara Delevingne, Angel Baby, Alec Monopoly, Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Dempsey all choose to wear a TAG Heuer.

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